7 Ways to Eat a Cookie

7 Ways to Eat a Cookie

7 ways to eat a cookie

Your guide to eating cookies.  Whether its chewy, crispy, crunchy: Everyone has their own idea of the perfect cookie and the way people go about eating their favorite treat varies greatly. Although there are truly unlimited ways to enjoy cookies, these are our best tips to help you enjoy more cookies.

Raw - Eating cookies raw is nostalgic, and brings you back to your childhood memories of baking with your mom and your dad would say, I’ll take my cookies in dough.

One bite  - Small cookies are eaten whole in one bite.

Nibble or Break it - Large cookies are broken and eaten a piece at a time.

Dunk it - Dunking a cookie into a cold glass of milk, warm cup of coffee or tea.

Ice cream cookie sandwich - a popular summer treat, ice cream nestled between two delicious cookies.

Reheat it - there’s nothing better than a cookie that is out of the oven or one that has been microwaved for 20 seconds, so it’s just that right amount of softness.

Share with others - best way to eat them is when you share them with the people you love. You can give cookies for any number of reasons, or for absolutely no reason at all.


Next time you’re in the mood to enjoy some cookies, pick up a few extra to share!



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